Outsource Customer Service to Keep Yourself on the Wave During the Crisis

Outsource Customer Service to Keep Yourself on the Wave During the Crisis


Outsource Customer Service to Keep Yourself on the Wave During the Crisis
  • Seasons or crisis periods can fluctuate your non-core business activities. Especially what concerns customer support
  • General information about outsourcing
  • How professional outsourcing customer service helps during hard times. Deligating of non-core activities can make your business more flexible and less sensitive to crisis

Black Friday, seasonal sales, or financial crisis – those are all reasons why many businesses fail. In case an in-house department isn’t available, to have a backup support team on standby helps to ensure coverage and keep your revenues at least stable position if not growing. Hiring outsourced teams is a part of the efficient crisis management process.

Did you know that scalable customer service outsourcing makes business more flexible in crisis time? You should contact stakeholders to decide on the ways to contact with clients. Also, you should take some other steps, which you may find below.

General Information About Customer Service Outsourcing

If your business has seasonal cycles or faces a crisis, you should think about outsourcing your support and some other teams responsible for non-core activities. If you have recently launched a business, for your start-up, it might make sense to use the services of support outsource agencies. It will give you a great push at the start. These steps are important to choose and deal with outsourced members of your company:

Set up Clear Goals

Well, this stage is essential for business in any case. Decide whether all you need is to cut expenditures, make your basic in-house employees focus on the core activities, hire real field experts, or keep in touch with the customers even if the crisis times coming.

Always Remember Who Your Customer Is

You should come up with the buyer persona to ensure the effectiveness of your business offer. Find a personalized approach to communicating with your clients and explain that to the outsourcing company.

Pick the Most Appropriate Partner

For example, if your business serves many customers from different regions of the world, try to find a company that can build multi-lingual teams. Many companies have at least English, French, Italian, Chinese, German, and Russian support as those are the most commonly spoken languages.

Decide on the Available Budget

Of course, getting help from the outsourced support significantly reduces operational and labor costs. However, it is still important to plan the budget with stakeholders and partners carefully.

Evaluate Effectiveness

Choose the interval of time to evaluate and assess the outcomes of your cooperation with the outsourced teams. Analyze the metrics to see whether your hired client service is effective. Pay special attention to the following factors:

  • Ticket volume
  • Average resolution time
  • Average response time
  • Net promoter scores
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores

How Professional Outsourcing Customer Service Helps During Hard Times

customer support outsourcing in pandemic time

To meet the short-term economic requirements and goals, businesses often have to think about an alternative to the in-house personnel. While there is a crisis because of health issues across the country or no people in town during the holidays, you should know that outsourcing agencies can offer an effective solution for your business.

  • Readily available infrastructure

One of the goals during the holidays, quarantines, and other force majeure situations is to increase reception capacity. However, during the crisis, most companies cannot afford to invest in equipment and tools. It makes no sense to spend large amounts of money on something that your business will need once or twice per year.

A decision to get outsourced customer support will prevent your organization from the need to purchase extra equipment. It is about adequate and available infrastructure. Often, when you pay for the outsourcing teams, you get the necessary equipment as a bonus.

  • Brand image support

It is easy to lose the organization’s brand image during difficult financial times. A business cannot upgrade, promote, and sell its goods to the customers. Times of excess calls always result in stresses and even depressions. It is essential to unclog the lines and process the incoming/outgoing calls with the help of outsourced experts.

Most of the outsourcing agencies hire and train professionals so that they are better prepared to deal with excess calls than in-house staff. It will help to optimize your client experience.

  • Maintain excellent internal organization

Every missed call or ignored query from a customer causes serious harm to the reputation and income of any business. It usually happens closer to Christmas and Easter. It is also a problem during crisis time. What your organization needs is a flexible approach that only outsourced customer service can guarantee. Such type of service is the best guarantee of a competitive internal environment.

While you may have no in-house staff in place, the outsourced pros will do the whole job, preventing the possibility of unanswered calls. Your company should react to any changes in the strategic management of phone calls quickly!

  • Qualified personnel

During the crisis, it is not the best time to recruit and train new in-house members. It will take more time than the business goes bankrupt. As for the outsourcing agency, it is enough to share the basic information about your organization, and the offered professionals will do the rest of the job. You will not even have to sacrifice the time of your HR managers to select the most appropriate candidates.

The entire scale-up process is successfully and fully accomplished by the outsourcing agency. It also makes sense to turn to such companies when you are looking for seasonal or part-time employees. The recruiting agency will try to match every single requirement that you include in a contract. It will allow managing the floods of phone calls, no matter whether there is a crisis or not.

Avoid Issues with Customer Support Outsourcing and Enjoy the Results

If you avoid some of the basic mistakes that companies do when dealing with outsourcing agencies, you will benefit from such cooperation. First of all, keep in mind that you should carefully explain all nuances about your product or service (features, purposes, target audience, etc.) to the outsourcing company. You should agree to the terms and conditions of this agency.

Also, you must make sure that you will obtain access to vital statistics. Ask customer service outsourcing companies to share feedback from your clients with you. Then, you’ll be able to monitor the situation completely and discuss further actions with the outsourced teams. The good idea is to ask the responsible side for the records of the phone calls or messages from your customers.

The advantages of having an outsourced 24/7 customer service are obvious. While the wave of crisis is flooding the planet again, perhaps, it is time to think about getting such sort of assistance. Then, you’ll prevent your business from significant losses.

Maya Momotok

Written by Maya Momotok
CEO and cofounder of Wow24-7

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