Lead Generation Tips: Make Your e-Commerce Company Thrive

Lead Generation Tips: Make Your e-Commerce Company Thrive


Lead Generation Tips:  Make Your e-Commerce Company Thrive

Best Lead Generation Tips for Your e-Commerce Company

Lead Generation Tips:  Make Your e-Commerce Company Thrive

Lead generation is a very powerful sales marketing technique if to use it in a smart way. If it is implemented ineffectively, be sure you will lose leads, customers, and revenues. The good news is that you can learn the art of lead generation and master it as there is a lot of information on this topic on the Web.

Moreover, hiring well-experienced sales marketing experts can be a very good idea if you want to boost your profits quickly and without going through a trial and error method. On top of that, our digital marketing pros have come up with a list of sure-fire tips for you to make your e-Commerce company even a greater success.

7 Most Effective Lead Generation Tips

First of all, let’s enumerate these tips:

Lead Generation Tips:  Make Your e-Commerce Company Thrive

Now, let’s discuss each tip in detail.
First of all, why should you take your time to create a lead generation strategy? Indeed, it will clearly show you the direction you should move on. If you come up with a good strategy, it will keep you focused on your primary business goals and help you achieve them. Thus, never skip this tip unless you don’t care about your revenues.

The power of SEO should never be underestimated. Of course, there is a great completion because nowadays each company wants to rank #1 in all major search engines. However, it shouldn’t discourage you from implementing this very powerful tool for your benefits.

To maximize your success and create a bond between you and your customers, you need to build an email list. Give something valuable for your clients for free asking them to leave their email details. As a result, you will get the list of emails very quickly and be able to use them to contact your customers directly anytime you want.

If you want to increase the conversion rate, you should make your home page even more effective. Make sure to check whether navigation is simple, sign up forms are good-looking and placed at appropriate spots, your content rocks, calls to actions are lucid, clear and simple.

Encourage your clients to share the info about your company with their friends on social media networks. One of the tricks that you can use here is giving them discounts for this.

Make use of PPC advertisement opportunities to attract even more traffic to your site.

Outsource Lead Generation     

If you feel these tips are somehow challenging for you to implement, you are welcome to outsource lead generation processes to our team of experts. We advise you to consider Ukraine.

The growth of the outsourcing in Ukraine is one of the most considerable achievements of the country over the past few years. In fact, outsourcing generates the development of Ukrainian IT market. Now it’s the most fast-growing area in comparison with other segments.

Six years ago, Ukraine headed the list of the top outsourcing countries for software developments. But does the situation remain the same? Is the outsourcing in Ukraine still cheap? Is it true that IT-specialists from this region are more hardworking than Indians? Let’s consider some pros and cons of Ukrainian outsourcing so that you could make a right decision for your business.
The top 5 on the DOU’s list of the biggest IT companies in Ukraine are all outsourcing companies like GlobalLogic, Luxoft, EPAM, SoftServe, and Ciklum. The main importer of the software and IT services produced in Ukraine is the United States. It is estimated that they are buying about 80% of Ukrainian tech exports, writes Ukraine Digital News.

Why is outsourcing to Ukraine useful for business development?

Lead Generation Tips:  Make Your e-Commerce Company Thrive

Attractive prices and fees

Affordable development rates are one of the primary reasons why Ukraine is the best country for IT outsourcing. According to the Cost of Living Index, Ukraine is ranked 4th among countries with the lowest cost of living. Only ten years ago, the cost of labor was the lowest in the world. But with the market changes, IT experts want to charge more. Despite that fact, overall prices still stay attractive for the clients from the US and CEE. Placing their centers of IT development in Ukraine, foreign corporations are likely to save 40–60 percents of their corporate expenses.

High-skilled labor: more quality for less money

For many decades, Ukraine has been a center of science and technological development. And these fields is still strong today. Each big city has tech universities. Besides, every efficiently-run company has launched own courses for designers, programmers, quality engineers and other related careers to create a skilled and trained workforce. By the end of 2015, the number of IT experts has increased to 90 000, which was 20% higher than in 2014.

Perfect English is a MUST

Becoming a professional developer without a decent level of English is impossible. Ukrainian specialists make every effort to grant this demand and work on their English skills. It’s a common practice for outsourcing companies to hire English teacher or cooperate with local language schools. Generally, it takes half a year for a team to polish their English and connect with the client directly. In major Ukrainian companies, multilingual managers are the rule rather than an exception.

Convenient time zone

Ukrainian time zone (GMT +2) is super convenient for European business owners, as their work hours will be practically the same with the remote team from Ukraine. Even if you’re located in the US, this option is still better than India or China.

Quality technical equipment and cheap broadband Internet

According to The Web Index, Ukraine is at the 21st place among other European countries regarding average broadband speed. But there is one undeniable fact — Ukrainian Internet is cheap and fast as well. In big cities, 100Mbps connection with unlimited traffic costs approximately $5 per month!

Over the past few years, the English proficiency level among Ukrainian IT specialists has increased significantly. Despite some political turbulence, the ranking of the country in the global business venue has improved, while the taxes for IT companies have remained relatively low.

Read our blog to know more about benefits of outsourcing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support that is on for you 24/7.   

Lead Generation Tips:  Make Your e-Commerce Company Thrive


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