How to get the maximum effect from your inbound call channel

How to get the maximum effect from your inbound call channel

How to get the maximum effect from your inbound call channel

Business success lies in customer satisfaction, which in its turn, depends on the quality of customer service. Understanding that concept, companies invest a significant amount of resources into maintaining their customer support system. One of the most efficient ways for customers to get help is inbound calling. Depending on companies’ size and financial capacities they can choose to either outsource an inbound call center or have an in-house one.

An inbound call center outsourcing is a very common and convenient practice among different industries. In rare cases, companies, mostly small businesses, have only one or two people fielding customer calls. In any case, the quality level of how you handle your inbound calls ultimately affects the whole customer support process. So it’s important to have a clear and effective strategy for your inbound contact center.

According to Harvard Business Review, customers are still interested in speaking with a real person when making their purchasing decisions about a product or service.

Advantages of Inbound Call Center

In this article, we are going to show you how to maximize the benefits from your inbound call center by using the right strategy. But before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at the advantages of having an inbound call center:

  • Having a reliable team of agents that are trained to deliver support to your customers in a manner that is approved by you. Taking care of customers is a very difficult and yet important task, thus, having a professional team to do it for you is a big benefit.
  • Being available to customers 24/7. A standard call center provides around-the-clock service. So consumers from all time zones can reach out to you with a request and get instant help. A service like this brings your company to the front of the competition. 
  • Your call agents can do upselling for you. Since reps deal with your customers firsthand, they have an opportunity to tell them about your product’s upgrades and make some sales moves. 
  • Inbound call center solutions help businesses to handle a high volume of inquiries. The number of calls usually fluctuates, but there are times (like holiday seasons) when the volume is especially high. Call centers, due to their experience and professionalism, are always ready to handle busy times like those.
  • Opportunity to deter customers from canceling your services or related activities. This is one of the greatest perks of an inbound call center because it’s easier to persuade customers during a conversation as opposed to dealing with them in chat or email. 

Inbound Call Strategy

A benefit that companies get from an outbound call center is pretty obvious. It’s hard to say the same about an inbound contact center. To make sure you’re benefitting from your inbound call center consider implementing the following tips in your strategy. 

1. Utilize inbound call tracking

Use inbound call tracking software to get an insight on how well your marketing strategy works. Call tracking tools help companies with lead attribution, lead scoring and keyword research. Also, based on the analysis you get, you discover new business opportunities and new ideas for marketing campaigns. Here’s what exactly inbound call tracking does:

  • Identifying marketing channels that generate calls

This helps businesses to see what channels drive the most calls and therefore, are more efficient for marketing campaigns. 

  • Finding qualified leads

Through a call tracking system, you can determine if a call comes from a qualified lead by analyzing the recording and transcription of an interaction. 

  • Enhancing marketing ROI

Multiple features of the call tracking system help businesses to determine which campaigns work and which don’t, the information you can use to optimize your marketing strategy for enhanced ROI. 

  • Determining which keywords drive user phone calls

A call tracking system has a special feature that helps companies to track which keywords their customers use to find their business. 

  • Identifying areas for improvement

Call tracking software gives you valuable information that can further be used to detect any defects of your business processes like product features, sales calls, demos, content marketing strategy, etc.

All functions mentioned above serve as facilitators of inbound call management and marketing campaign development. 

2. Ensure effective call management

Usually, a professional call center promises 24/7 availability. If it fails to deliver on that promise it loses its credibility. That’s why you have to make sure that your inbound calls are answered at all times. Redirecting a call to a voicemail or an assistant would be the wrong direction. You want to make sure that inbound calls are attended to properly, effectively and immediately. For better management of inbound calls utilize a communication system that identifies calling customer’s needs and directs them to the appropriate specialist. Those and other technology will help your team to handle more inbound calls in less time and more efficiently. 

Additionally, you can integrate your CRM data in your call center strategy to enable instant access to a customer’s history with your business, this way facilitating agents’ jobs. Consider pairing your CRM with your phone system through Computer Telephony Integration technology that helps to make sure that the calls are logged after every interaction and that the customer data is kept updated. This enhances your inbound call system by decreasing the average handle time and improving your customer service.

3. Optimize communication channels

Different customers have different preferences when it comes to communication channels. Some users prefer to contact a company by email or live chat, but the most efficient way to get help is by calling. However, it’s not easy for businesses to cover all inbound calls immediately. For that reason, companies have to prioritize some calls – those coming from valuable customers. Optimize your communication channels to customers’ life cycle stages to maximize your benefit from the use of those channels. 

Very often, customer issues can be easily solved over email or live chat support. To avoid an overwhelming number of inbound calls that are not always necessary, make your contact options like email and live chat more visible on your website. As for your toll-free number, locate it at the bottom of your pages and along with the call-to-action content. 

Maya Momotok

Reviewed by Maya Momotok
CEO and cofounder of Wow24-7

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