How to Boost the Quality of Your Customer Support via Facebook

How to Boost the Quality of Your Customer Support via Facebook

How to Boost the Quality of Your Customer Support via Facebook

It’s been long since brands embraced the power of social media and included a social media strategy into their general marketing efforts. With new features rolling in every month, companies manage to get even more leverage in communications with their customers and promoting their goods and services. And if not every business is suitable for Pinterest or Snapchat activities, the still-undoubted media giant, Facebook, is a must-have for all – small family firms, large corporations, outsourcing firms, tech initiatives, and hundreds of other businesses.

In June 2017, there were 2.01 billion monthly Facebook users worldwide – a huge audience that can’t be ignored.

You must already know that Facebook activity is important and productive for marketing purposes. What we would like to talk about is the use of Facebook for customer support.

Why, you might be thinking, I am answering messages that people send to my business page. What else could I do? If answering messages is all that you do in terms of online support via Facebook, you are not using it fully. In fact, you are not using it even by a half. There is potential that should be explored.

Ways to provide better support via Facebook

Replying to messages that customers send to your business profile would be enough for a startup and only in the first few months of its existence. In truth, your Facebook support activities should include much more:

Alerts about customers mentioning your brand

Some customers wouldn’t go as far as complaining to you directly. They go to vent on Facebook and that’s where you can find and neutralize potential damaging factors. The danger of such complaints is that they draw attention, and if you don’t get involved (and you won’t be able to get involved if you don’t know about such complaints), it will leave a lasting negative impression on your potential customers. One unhappy customer is worth twenty happy ones – there is a reason people say that.


Messenger chatbots are a perfect way for you to have 24/7 support (if you don’t really have it). Starting from the simplest ones that work like IVR’s and up to complicated informational requests, chatbots will create an impression for your customers that you are always there. In the world where 24/7 availability is expected from brands, it’s an important advantage achieved by relatively simple means (social media).

Unified customer feedback in Facebook Business Manager

It gets difficult to manage a large inflow of messages, comments and other feedback at some point. That’s why it’s convenient to transfer to Facebook Business Manager and make good use of its unified inbox folder. Having assigned a few administrators, you will be able to monitor the activity of each administrator and make sure no customer requests are left unattended.

Distributing customer support content

When customers (or company representatives in case of B2B) have a question or a problem with your company, they often go online to check social media profiles and then get in touch if necessary. By organizing your page in such a way as to provide crucial, most frequently needed customer information, you will be able to spare them the time on calling or writing you, as well as relieve the load from your customer support team. It is especially convenient in case of emergencies – if you write about it on Facebook and pin the post to the top, you will easily reduce the number of requests in half. In fact, your business profile can serve as an interactive FAQ page.

Best practices for support via Facebook

Some companies are already doing an excellent job in support via Facebook and some are even offering their skills for hire. Together, they have developed best practices that can and should be used by any company that wants to provide meaningful customer support service via Facebook:

Be quick to react

Customers expect an answer to a negative comment in roughly an hour and they want to get a reply to their message in 15 minutes. Aim to meet their expectations.

Don’t waste time on bad attitudes

There are clients that don’t have a problem with your company – they just don’t have anything better to do. Learn to identify and ignore or even troll those.

Be personal

If a customer contacts you for help, don’t slap them with a link to the FAQ page. Social media is for direct communication – don’t forget it.

Stay updated

An obsolete social media page is like a tombstone – there was a company once but then something went wrong. If you have bothered to create a profile, make sure it’s working.

Aim to explore the whole potential of Facebook. You wouldn’t use it only to share cute pictures in the area of marketing, so why underuse support possibilities?

If you have any other questions concerning this topic, outsourcing, customer support, just contact us directly or via social media.


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