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How customer support services can boost sales

Customer support service influences any business, as successful communication with clients is a key to maintaining a high customer satisfaction level. After a negative experience with a contact center, the client can be disappointed and stop using the company’s services. 

Thus, improving customer support service is an essential business management practice, as the likelihood of a satisfied customer returning to buy your product is much higher than a neutral one. 

This article will show how excellent customer service can increase sales, boost profits and keep an audience.

What scenario is suitable if you want to increase sales involving customer support team

There are two key ways customer service affects sales: upselling and cross-selling. In upselling, the agent offers the client to buy something complimentary on sale besides an existing purchase. For example, if a customer purchased a TV, the agent would suggest getting speakers with a 20% discount.

In cross-selling, the agent suggests purchasing the same product at a more affordable price. For instance, a client wants to buy a specific TV, but the agent finds a better offer for him – a cheaper TV with the same characteristics. It may seem pointless, but retailers handle a stable goods turnover, not the profit margin. Thus, the higher the sales level is, the more successful the retailer becomes.

Companies use upselling and cross-selling strategies in their marketing offers, but customer support agents can practice them too. With the right approach, these techniques work efficiently and can significantly increase the turnover intensity.

Therefore, for retailers looking for new ways to improve sales in the customer service call center, upselling or cross-selling (or even both) is the best activity. 

How To Increase Upsales & Cross-Sales Through Communication Channels

Here are some ways the company can follow to ensure a high level of upselling and cross-selling through contact channels. 

1. Hire an experienced customer support team

First and foremost. Proper business communication is the key to having satisfied customers. The retailer is usually responsible for the hiring process of suitable agents. However, retail is a highly competitive environment that focuses on solving the business issues, so the organizational and HR problems can distract managers from first-priority tasks. For that reason, retailers are switching to outsourced customer support providers, such as WOW 24-7. Contact centers use several channels to scale customer experience without recruiting more employees. The agents can handle multiple chats and email interactions at the same time. It allows them to provide quick problem resolutions and maintain a high level of customer service even during peak periods. Outsourced live chat support has diverse experience in communicating with clients. The team uses psychological approaches and knowledge about specific business offers to help the company increase its sales level.

2. Create an accurate client profile and update it regularly

It’s essential to approach the clients’ needs individually and know every customer’s preferences. If a person has always been buying Apple products, there is no point in offering  an Android-based smartphone. Thus, the company should collect as much data as possible about the client’s behavior. Then the customer support team uses analytics showing potential client’s needs and desires.

3. Transform a product catalog and contact center software

It’s confusing for agents to switch between dozens of open tabs during one interaction with a customer. Therefore, the company should upgrade contact center software regularly to make the agents’ work more convenient. The agent needs an accessible and well-structured product catalog, smart CRM tips about each client’s preferences, and information about promotions and discounts to navigate and meet the customer’s expectations quickly. This way, your talents will be able to uplift your upselling and cross-selling. 

Wrap Up

Customer service strategies increase sales and revenue significantly if applied wisely. Upselling and cross-selling are the most efficient strategies to increase the turnover intensity in retail. Using communication channels, customer support agents apply both approaches to maintain a stable turnover. Hiring an experienced customer support team, creating accurate client profiles, and upgrading contact center software are the main ways to boost upselling and cross-selling. Once the contact center agents are equipped with the needed knowledge and support system, they can boost sales levels, profits and satisfy customer needs. 

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