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How companies should select agents for customer support service

How to find an ideal customer service agent? Staffing is a major problem. In most employees, this occurs because of the burning and deterioration of mental health. There is a solution: the correct approach to the choice of agents can become the guarantee that, after the onboarding, the agent will not go. Here, we as a customer support company describe how to approach the selection process, so that efficiency only increases, not vice versa.

There are mistakes in the personnel selection of this type, and how to avoid them and establish relations with their clients, we will reveal here and now.

Our eCommerce customer support team shares its experience through years of experience. 

Top mistakes companies make when selecting agents for customer support

1. Focus only on work tasks without due attention to the employee experience

The multiple tasks of each day make it happen about other equally important matters. The development of your colleagues in the company is the same anchor, which gives the chance for workers to stay with you for a long time.

When encouraging new employees to focus on customer relations, development remains on the sidelines. Of course, it is not always possible to foresee development in such positions, but you need to arrange it interactively. 

If you want your employees to stay with you for a long time, you need to take care of it. It can be the same team building, courses for agents, lectures, and much more.

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2. Understaffed

When a call center is short-staffed, it is devastating to all business situations increases the waiting time of subscribers on the line. Of course, it has its negative effects on the clients’ experience. Here are two outcomes. The first one is that customers trust your competitors more than you. The second one is loss of profit for the first reason.

Solution. It is important to predict the workload of the call center and estimate the labor required to process calls.

3. Quick selection process

Not always there is an opportunity to evaluate potential employees, but you can always see the result of such workers.

What’s the first month of working with an untested specialist? This is the lack of any understanding of the basic rules of communication with clients, increase in customer distrust, lack of desire to develop, and so on.

Solutions in this case can be many, but you need to stick to detail. It is work experience, skills, and stressfulness first. It is also possible to simulate the situation to be sure of the agent.

Valuable tips on how to engage suitable agents in the right way

A good customer experience is a top step to be pursued by improving the brand’s internal communications. Knowing the consumer behavior, pain, complexes, and other human factors that they want to solve thanks to your brand is something you should rely on first.

A correct agent knowledgeable in these matters understands these subtleties in practice and is a valued employee. When you are looking for such a person, it is difficult enough at a look to assess the qualification. So now we’re going to see common decision-making mistakes and how to avoid them.

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1. Specification of operator search for customer support service

Often, potential call center operators are people who need short-term cooperation. They have minimal interest in promoting your business or improving your customer experience. Some people get along well with others. Empathy and the correct language are their specialties.

If you interview correctly and feel that the person is yours and he satisfies your client, the decision is yours.

2. Correct preparation of the application for the employment of a staff member  

The selection of a call center operator begins with drawing up a vacancy application. You have to analyze what you want to see because of the communication between the agent and the buyer. You need to write this in the vacancy and follow this. The loyalty of the HR specialist/recruiter of your company may allow the acceptance of a beginner. But if you choose only the best employees in the team, you need to meet your requirements 100 percent.

3. Mechanics of interview

Initially, your list of requirements may include the following items:

  • clear and good diction
  • the acceptable pace of speech
  • social etiquette
  • logic of words
  • human partnership behavior in conflict situations
  • emotional management
  • high speed of thinking
  • resilience
It must conduct the interview offline or online, but you should see and hear the potential employee. When you ask him a particular set of questions, you need to track his reaction, the speed of intelligence, and the pace of speech.

4. Insufficient development of your customer support service agents

Customer focus forces us to be aware of human needs in certain environmental conditions that are constantly changing. But beyond that, agents must develop their oratory skills, empathy aptitude, and speed response to a problem. In short, improve yourself and analyze the target audience.

You, as an entrepreneur, should create comfortable conditions for the future of your employees and not forget about their self-realization.

Besides the above, one of the reliable ways to select is to involve an outsourcing contact service. If the client chooses a shared bundle, he can be sure about the agents. They have a background, and all they need is to study simply the product well during the training. It is about writing detailed business requirements for candidates, interviewing them, and taking part in the test of their readiness in practice. In this way, they can be sure pros will handle that agent.


The value of your business is the client. It is your responsibility to find the key to it. As an excellent agent is easy to find a way to satisfy the customer. 

You have two ways to follow these tips and rely on luck or trust the professionals from the customer support company.

Your insight is to understand the mechanism of interaction with the client. When you figure out this, you will immediately understand who you need.

Not everything is always clear after reading a couple of articles. So if you need the professional help of experienced professionals, we recommend you book a call from WOW 24-7 company. 

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