Difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience: Does It Exist?

Difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience: Does It Exist?


Difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience: Does It Exist?

Difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience: Does It Exist?

Is There a Difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience?

Managing client perception is one of the most critical things that companies should be doing. However, many businesses focus on their goals instead of studying the target audience. The tastes and expectations of customers change pretty dynamically.

When it comes to customer experience, everything counts:

  • Types of messaging
  • Goods and services that you offer
  • Sales process
  • Post-purchase processes
  • Engineering
  • Internal factors, etc.

Let us have a closer look at customer experiencesand support service. We will analyze the connection between these two.

Customer Service VS Customer Experience: How Are They Related?

When comparing and contrasting things, it is important to explain their meanings first. Let us define the customer experience. This term includes many different elements. The best way to define this word is: “The perception that clients have of your brand.” You and your customer may view your business from different angles. That is a problem as you will see different strengths and weaknesses. To guarantee a satisfactory client experience, you should put yourself in their shoes. Assess the product or service you offer critically from the customer’s point of view.

Another question is, “What counts as customer service experience?” That is the result of the product quality combined with the quality of client support. A positive experience is possible only if your customer care representatives know the product or service from all possible aspects, and they can help users with any issues that may arise.

That said, customer experience is the impression a business leaves on its clients. The basic touchpoints that stay behind this phenomenon are people and good or service. The performance of the product, as well as responsiveness and friendliness of client support, is what really matters.

Thus, we can say that these two phenomena are interconnected as one is the outcome of another. Saying something like “customer service vs customer experience.” They should not be versus but rather go hand in hand. To achieve excellent experience, your customer care should be at the top level. You can measure the level of client satisfaction on your own. Here is what you should do:

  • Evaluate client satisfaction rate poll results;
  • Once you define the rate, find out the reasons for client churn;
  • Wonder about good or feature request;
  • Assess support ticket trends.

The best method to analyze experience is Net Promoter Score (NPS). This indicator will show how possible it is that your clients will promote your business to people around. If you have no desire to measure the effectiveness of results on your own, turn to the outsourced customer service. Now that we have analyzed the difference between customer service and customer experience, we should consider one more element in this comparison chain: sales.

Difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience: Does It Exist?Difference between Sales and Customer Service: Tables of Comparison

We cannot actually say that these two are completely different. Some activities are the same, while others are not. The customer service department is structured differently from the sales team in any company. It makes it simpler for management. At the same time, both departments refer to Business Development branch. The representatives of both teams should closely cooperate with each other to help the business grow and develop.

Steve Jobs has designed a table to show the difference between sales and customer serviceto his own employees. It was later spread among many companies. Sales and service are interconnected, but there are still some nuances to keep in mind. The first one stands for:

  • Bringing new clients from the market;
  • Bringing indirect customers;
  • Targeting sales;
  • Interacting with clients before each deal;
  • Problems resolving;
  • Post-purchase support of the clients (50×50).

As for customer service, it refers to:

  • Bringing only indirect clients;
  • Avoiding targeting sales in many cases;
  • Targeting client satisfaction;
  • Problems resolving and continuous after-purchase support.

Also, it is more typical for a company to hire an outsourced customer service than an external sales team. The last one is usually considered one of the core activities, while client support fulfills secondary tasks. Anyway, the connection between these two is powerful. Without sales, no customer service is actually required. It makes no sense then. These teams should work together to achieve common business goals. The representatives of both departments should have solid experience in customer services to work productively.

Difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience: Does It Exist?

To achieve the common goal, these teams should construct a client journey map and buyer personas. It is also important to ask customers to leave feedback. A good company should always pay attention to what its clients say. It will help to expand and improve.

The good idea is to educate the customers about your business. Stress its usefulness and effectiveness. Through building communities for your target buyers, you will show that you really care about their needs, not just the material aspect of your business. Once again, it is possible to hire outsourced customer experience servicesto let them do the whole job for you. It is up to you to choose the way you wish to use to improve client support quality.

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