Designing the Right Customer Service Strategy with the Help of Customer Support Outsourcing

Designing the Right Customer Service Strategy with the Help of Customer Support Outsourcing

Designing the Right Customer Service Strategy with the Help of Customer Support Outsourcing

Customer Service Strategy

Each of us has dealt with unprofessional customer service at least once in our life. Thus, we know perfectly well how damaging a frustrated and angry customer can be for a business.  At the same time, great customer service can make true miracles and turn a furious customer into a loyal one, according to 2017 Global Distribution and Marketing Consumer Study by Accenture 49% of consumers say high-quality customer care increases brand loyalty.

There are many different reasons why companies fail to establish high-quality customer service. Instead of searching for answers to these questions, it is better to focus on how to improve the situation. Remember, even small changes in your customer service strategy can lead to significant positive changes in your business.

Next, we will give you a bunch of useful advice on how to design a powerful customer service strategy and create wow-experiences for your customers if you decided to outsource customer support.

People Come First

People you hire are extremely important. If your employees are between 20 and 25 years old, then you must understand that these people might have never witnessed great customer care and need to be trained accordingly.

Another important thing is motivation. Let your employees feel special and encourage them to do their best. People that work for you must be deeply involved in the process and become as devoted and passionate about what they do as though they are business owners.

Dismiss ineffective employees. Pay attention to industry leaders like Apple. When Steve Jobs returned to his position as CEO, he immediately dismissed most of the employees as their level of productivity was simply unacceptable.

Remember, the main reason why top companies succeeded is that they put customer service in the first place.

Rules are Good But Learn to Feel Your Customers

Try to make your business as easy and convenient as possible: simplify rules, procedures, and processes. Complicated rules and long-lasting procedures only make your customers angry and able to kill your brand. It’s a well-known fact when a client is unhappy or pissed off, the last thing he wants to hear from you is an apology for having such rules and that you cannot do anything.

Most managers think only with their heads and are not able to understand in-depth customers’ needs. Instead, train all your reps, including outsourced customer support agents to perform according to your company’s principles and mission, not policies and rules.

Delegate to an Outsourced Customer support team

No matter what you do – launching a small startup or facing a major business expansion, you will unlikely become an industry leader without the ability to delegate authority. Delegation is the key to creating a service culture and training is the key to a delegation.

Hiring an experienced outsourcing customer support team can help you not only reduce costs and deliver high-quality customer care but also develop useful guidelines for your customer support reps. As a result, your team will be able to solve customers’ problems without seeking permission from top management.

Never Stop Improving

Always strive for improvement. Dream big, set global goals and engage in self-development. Set up a list of KPI’s and constantly evaluate and analyze your employees’ results:

  • Measure their soft skills
  • Get rid of unproductive employees
  • If there are no changes, let these people work for your competitors

At Wow24-7 we stand for focused improvement. This approach implies uncompromising elimination of ineffective workflows and constant improvement of performance. As a result, we have already helped SaaS, E-commerce, Retail, Tourism, and Software Development companies to drive customer satisfaction and achieve their ultimate business goals.

For more than a decade we’ve been delivering wow customer experiences and chosen as a customer support outsourcing agent for:

Please, feel free to ask questions, we’ll be happy to share our experience and best practices with you.

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