Customer Support Outsourcing: From Hi to Buy — More Than Just Conversation

Customer Support Outsourcing: From Hi to Buy — More Than Just Conversation

Customer Support Outsourcing: From Hi to Buy — More Than Just Conversation

Customer Support Outsourcing: From Hi to Buy — More Than Just Conversation

Customer Support Outsourcing: From Hi to Buy

Over the last decade, sales have changed tremendously. In today’s highly competitive markets, any advantage you have over your competitors can play a critical part in making or breaking a deal.

Generating sales online is not a simple task to cope with. Customers are looking not only for better products, but also for remarkable customer care. Thus, instead of focusing solely on selling, businesses should aim to turn the regular purchasing transactions into an enjoyable experience.

Digital transformation provided a new opportunity to chat with a person in real time via an app or website. Adding live chat on your site, especially when your competitors don’t, is a competitive edge. If it’s managed right, this tool can help generate more sales and target specific leads effectively. And outsourcing customer support to a professional team is surely a great way to implement live chat successfully.

Outsourced customer support: live chat in the sales funnel

Live chat and messaging have become one of the most popular technologies used to conducting sales conversations and creating excellent customer experience. An ability to instantly solve clients problems and answer their questions can improve sales significantly.

Unlike purchases made at traditional stores where most shoppers tend to buy impulsively, online purchases are deliberate. The statistic shows that over 81% of customers who purchase online conduct research before making any order.

In fact, they spend a lot of time exploring and comparing products or services as well as reading feedback before making direct contact with a sales representative. Potential customers have a lot of questions in their mind before pushing the desired BUY button.

That’s why the primary goal of every e-tailer is to choose and successfully implement the best online marketing and sales strategies in order to convert prospects into customers.

Here is how a live chat can help your company build a better sales funnel and move potential buyers through it in a more effective way.

Show value and engage


Want to take your business to the next level and boost sales? Outsource customer support hiring qualified representatives who know how to make the most of a live chat. In fact, this tiny tool can make a big difference.

Customer Support Outsourcing: From Hi to Buy — More Than Just Conversation

Running a business as a source of useful and relevant information is the primary strategy of modern brands. And live chat is a great way to engage, show value and even educate the leads while they are visiting your website.

Build trust


Though shopping has gone online, people still fear being scammed when it comes to making a purchase, especially on a new website. Practice shows that a lot of potential customers leave their carts without buying just because they can’t find clear contact information.

Customer Support Outsourcing: From Hi to Buy — More Than Just Conversation

When used correctly, a live chat can show visitors that you’re easy to get in touch with them. What is more important, it puts a human face on your business and adds a personal approach even to your outsourced customer support.

Qualify potential buyers on the spot


Increasing conversion rate is all about making people end up purchasing your services or products. By adding live chat on their website, companies are opening the door for better sales.

Keep in mind that customers will probably have several options where to make an order. Asking right probing questions will help you find out whether your business meets their needs and identify the criteria they use to make a final decision.

After the regular interactions with users on a real-time basis, it’s easier to predict whether they will turn into paying customers or not. Live chat helps support agents communicate with customers and know at what stage of purchasing process they are now and what issues they face on their way. That means they can effectively lead the potential clients through the sales funnel and direct them towards buying.

Avoid confusion and delays


Customer support representatives always have to be careful in what they type in a live chat window. In fact, misinterpretation can easily happen. Therefore, agents should pay attention to every word they write as well as balance this with leaving prospects waiting too long for a response. To avoid delayed replies and lack of understanding, you should develop a live chat etiquette that sets the standards for online communication.

Customer Support Outsourcing: From Hi to Buy — More Than Just Conversation


Adding live chat to your website will bring positive changes to your business processes. It can increase your sales, enhance customer service and improve lead generation. Managing live chat right is all about getting to know your customers, understanding their needs and letting them know you are there to help.


Here at Wow24-7, we always strive to be prompt, friendly and enthusiastic chatting with leads to provide perfect customer experience. No doubt, trusting customer support outsourcing to our team, you will turn a live chat into the successful sales tool.


Maya Momotok

Reviewed by Maya Momotok
CEO and cofounder of Wow24-7

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