Creative and Interesting Tips On Improving Customer Satisfaction for Your Organization

Creative and Interesting Tips On Improving Customer Satisfaction for Your Organization

Creative and Interesting Tips On Improving Customer Satisfaction for Your Organization

        The question of customer satisfaction appears to be straightforward one from the onset, especially when it comes to dealing with customers who are already using your service or product. However, as many organizations are starting to realize, growing competition owing to globalization means that attracting and retaining customers is ever more challenging. To remain competitive, businesses have to find innovative and creative ways of wowing their customers and keeping them loyal to the company products and services. The main premise informing the current article is that nurturing relationships with a company’s customers is a critical aspect of growing a successful business. This is particularly important in the current age of innovation and automation, caring for your customers is even more important. Currently, any customer who is unsatisfied with your services or products can share their opinion with the public through social media platforms, thus negatively affecting your business. Here are some creative strategies you could use to improve the satisfaction of your customers.  

Be There as Soon as your Customers Need You and Offer Instantaneous Response

We live in a technology-dependent world, where people get offended if they do not get the response to their questions immediately. Yet despite such urgency in terms of demand for an instant response, companies still promise to provide answers to queries within 24 hours or even within the ‘next week’. We recommend that you match this need for instant response by using such platforms as email, texting or email to have meaningful interactions within seconds or minutes of the first contact with a customer. In fact, something as simple as ’Thank you for contacting us, we are working on (an exact description of the issue) right away, and will get back you as soon as we have a solution’, will truly serve to wow your customer due to the speedy nature of the response and the precise details that show a human touch to the interaction. There are ways your company can ensure speedy response through customer support. For instance, for e-commerce companies selling products online or for B2B, startupers, and retail business that has a sufficient online presence, and application like Firefly to can be used to co-browse with your customer, thus guiding the customers through the process of checkout.    

Using Video to Answer Questions

While Twitter remains one of the most popular platforms for interacting with customers, it can be challenging to exhaustively answer questions in 140 characters. As such, your company could use videos to assist customers in resolving their issues. You could have your employers get on camera and respond to questions on use and shipping times. Such a strategy will have your customers blown away by such ingenuity that they will spread the word about your product, thus offering you free advertisement.

Foster Credibility by Regularly Publishing Reports

One innovative way of promoting the satisfaction of your customers is by demonstrating accountability by publishing reports on customer interactions. Such reports could also include lessons learned from customers and how you have made improvements based on such interactions. This form of transparency can transform your customer base into your brand advocates.

Getting the Top Management Involved

One strategy that will likely excite your customers is the involvement of the company’s top management, including the CEO in offering customer support. A company like Karmaloop has even gone a step further and actually publishes the telephone number of the company CEO on their about page. While this may be a counterproductive measure, just taking time to respond to clients online or through social media networks is one way a company CEO can show that he or she has the interests of the customers at heart.

Adding a Personal Touch, and Going the Extra Mile and Sending Personalized Thank You Notes

Another interesting, yet simple way of improving the satisfaction of your customers is by adding a personal touch to your interactions. You could wow every client who gets into contact with your product or service by adding as much personality as possible. One of the best practices of customer support is adding a personal touch with every message you send is by including the first name of the person sending the message. In this way, the client can immediately feel that they are talking to an actual person. However, sending personalized thank you notes and managing general customer relations can be a daunting task and can distract from the company core competencies, which is where outsourcing customer support becomes useful.

You could get assistance from WOW24-7, which provides a broad spectrum of customer support solutions using multiple channels to cater for all of your customer relations needs.
The bottom-line here is that the satisfaction of your customers is critical for the sustainability of your business, and you must find innovative ways of maintaining such satisfaction.


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