Chatbot Customer Support: New Pain of Crypto Сurrency Exchanges

Chatbot Customer Support: New Pain of Crypto Сurrency Exchanges

Chatbot Customer Support: New Pain of Crypto Сurrency Exchanges

Chatbot Customer Support: New Pain of Crypto Сurrency Exchanges


Thanks, technology world, chatbots became a mainstream.
Anytime you decide to make a call in order to have an access to any business services, chances are high that you may be greeted by automated software, designed to assist you to access the service. This is an aspect that is gaining prominence in the 21st century.

A chatbot is a technological program that has been designed to automatically answer your queries, in case you want to benefit from the services of a business organization. It is one of the new waves of communication that large multinational companies such as Uber are taking advantage of the technology to provide customer support services.

Uber uses the chatbot technology for purposes of fielding questions to customers and providing an answer to any of their inquiries. Moreover, these automated communication technologies are also programmed to refer a customer for human support services, in case their concerns are not addressed. Moreover, these automated communication devices are becoming popular because it is easy to use them when compared to a phone system that is computerized. Programmed phone systems are not able to understand the basic aspects or needs of a customer.

What the Statistics Say:

The use of chatbot technology to provide customer satisfaction is on an increase and is supported by 44% of American customers; this is according to BI Intelligence.  One of the major reasons for this support is because of the capability of the technology to provide an instant answer to the questions that a customer asks. This helps in saving time and avoids unnecessary delays for an answer to a simple question that has been asked by a customer. On this basis, business organizations are willing to invest more in technology, with the belief that it will lead to customer satisfaction.

In fact, statistics indicate that the market for automated chatbot technology is set to increase by 2021 to about $ 3.2 billion. As of 2016, the chatbot market had a capitalization of $ 703 million. This statistics indicates the popularity of the technology. Apart from helping to create customer loyalty, business organizations believe that the integration of chatbot technology in their system will result in cost-saving measures.  According to BI Intelligence, the use of chatbot automated technology has the capability of helping American business organizations to save $ 23 billion. This is because it reduces the number of salaries paid to workers.

Not Good Enough

Despite the popularity of chatbot technology, it is not good enough for customer relations, and it cannot effectively replace the role of humans in the provision of customer care services.

In some special circumstances, customers normally want to feel human concerns and opinions about the services provided. On this basis, over-reliance on chatbot technology may negatively affect the quality of customer care support service offered by the company. This will ultimately break your customer care services.

Well, here are some of the ways that can prevent you from breaking your customer care support services:

  1. Do not overuse your chatbot technology: This is a key requirement for you, in case you do not want to break your customer care support service. Use the technology in providing simple and direct answers to the customer. However, when the customer needs complex and detailed answers to their questions, allow the technology to direct them to a support agent. Outsourcing customer support service is one of the best ways that will ensure you do not over-rely on the chatbot technology. You can rely on WOW24-7for your customer care needs.
  2. Know your Customers: It is very important to know the various needs of your customers, before deciding to use chatbot technology to serve them. Some customers prefer a human touch when interacting with your company. Make it an option when deciding to use technology for purposes of providing customer care services. You will be surprised at the results.
  3. Sharing of useful information: Always seek to empower your customers. You can achieve this objective by sharing with some sources of useful information about your company. This includes blogs, social media pages, company websites, etc. This initiative may help in solving the various needs of customers. Try sharing useful information with your customers, and you will be surprised with the results.
  4. Support your employees: How motivated your customer care support staff, will determine the quality of service they offer. Come up with good motivational policies to support your employees. They will reciprocate with quality and innovative service offered to your customers.

Well, we are done talking about business and chatbots. Despite their importance to a business organization, it is important that you should not overly on the chatbot technology.  It may mess up the quality of customer care support service you offer. Always ensure that you use a mixture of chatbot technology and human customer care support services when dealing with your customers.


Maya Momotok

Reviewed by Maya Momotok
CEO and cofounder of Wow24-7

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