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How customer support outsourcing can improve your business

Customer support service is a key element in business success. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to properly respond to customer needs. Customer support outsourcing resolves that problem by providing superb 24/7 customer care. When choosing to outsource your customer service rather than maintain an…

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How to Use Presale and Upsale Approaches in Customer Support

Presale and upsale techniques help businesses increase their revenues, retain existing customers, and boost customer satisfaction rates. These approaches allow to addressing customers’ needs, reduce risks of negative user experience, increase conversion rates, and build trust and loyalty to the brand. Customer support…

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Is Outsourcing Good or Bad for Your Business?

Outsourcing is a great tool that can be used to improve business workflow. If you want to discover how to use it for your benefit keep reading. We’ll tell you about both positive and negative sides of this tool and its influence on…

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Ecommerce Customer Service Outsourcing: Is It Effective or Not?

Outsourcing is the process through which an organization recruits another organization or team of people to fulfill some tasks (usually, secondary business activities) and increase staff. Nowadays, outsourcing eCommerce is a common practice in the business world. Most companies that use such services…

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Cost Saving Customer Support: Myth or Reality?

As client care teams are responsible for both acquiring new buyers and retaining the old ones (just as marketing department, for instance), a company should not underestimate the role of these professionals. Thus, it is vital to know the justified customer service cost…

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Which of the Best Customer Support Models Should You Choose?

Did you know that self-service checkout lines are actively replacing call centers? The desire to get served faster makes at least tech-savvy customers serve themselves instead of turning to experts on the phone. People hate waiting in lines. Also, they prefer to avoid…

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