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All You Need To Know About Customer Support Software

Often times in business, especially ventures that involve a lot of customer interaction, either personal or otherwise, there is a possibility to get overwhelmed with client demands and correspondences. Think about an online grocery store that needs to take and match orders, price…

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New generation of outsourcing: Ukraine!

Ukraine is hard to ignore when it comes to outsourcing. Seven years ago, it crowded the top of the list of the best outsourcing countries for software development. But is the situation still the same? Does outsourcing in Ukraine remain professional and affordable?…

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Outsource Telemarketing from Singapore to Grow Your Business

A decade ago, everyone was saying that soon telemarketing will be gone. But it’s 2017 already, and telemarketing is still here. Moreover, it has become one of the most effective prospecting and marketing strategies, standing beside online advertisement and content marketing methods. Telemarketing…

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The Benefits of Telemarketing Services for Small Businesses

Although it’s commonly believed that the Internet and the Web are becoming the primary channels of communication between businesses and their audiences, with a potential of substituting all other channels in the future, a phone is still working well as a tool for…

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