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How to Use Presale and Upsale Approaches in Customer Support

Presale and upsale techniques help businesses increase their revenues, retain existing customers, and boost customer satisfaction rates. These approaches allow to addressing customers’ needs, reduce risks of negative user experience, increase conversion rates, and build trust and loyalty to the brand. Customer support…

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Customer Support in E-Learning: Raphaël Droissart, Learning Tribes

Raphaël Droissart is CTO of Learning Tribes, a global company that provides digital learning solutions all over the world. For more than 15 years, Learning Tribes has been offering learning solutions that support individuals and organizations in developing their skills and acumen to…

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Customer Support Outsourcing Start Guide

In today’s market, where consumers have more choices than ever before, customer support has become the backbone of every modern business, more so those in eCommerce and SaaS. However, a company may not have the resources and willpower to deliver quality support to…

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Cost Saving Customer Support: Myth or Reality?

As client care teams are responsible for both acquiring new buyers and retaining the old ones (just as marketing department, for instance), a company should not underestimate the role of these professionals. Thus, it is vital to know the justified customer service cost…

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A 5% discount for all the services from WOW24/7

Starting and running support outsourcing has never been so easy, with a 5% discount for any service model of your choice.  Easy to start with our free onboarding and training offer Easy to run with 5% discount Easy to decide. Sign your project…

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10 Email Response Templates That Work: Check Them Out!

From standard customer service responses to forms created when you receive no reaction to the follow-up letter – these are all important categories of business emails that may either save your reputation or destroy the image of your company completely. It all depends…

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