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How to Boost the Quality of Your Customer Support via Facebook

It’s been long since brands embraced the power of social media and included a social media strategy into their general marketing efforts. With new features rolling in every month, companies manage to get even more leverage in communications with their customers and promoting…

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Predetermine your customer behavior!

Customer-oriented approach rules the world today. The customer experience is the next competitive battleground. Jerry Gregoire While you are in e-commerce, retail or SaaS, your best friends are metrics which measure the level of customer satisfaction, loyalty, acquisition, and retention etc. Although, the…

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Why choosing the right co-founder is crucial to your business?

Two heads are always better than one. Most of the illustrious businesses were founded by relationships between two (or more) people: Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates (he’s good at this!), Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Steve Jobs, Steve…

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Customer loyalty: strike while the iron is hot

Most businesses today are so much obsessed with new client acquisition. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is without a doubt that it will cost your company six times more money and resources acquiring a new customer as opposed to retaining…

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A Remote Employee: 10 Qualities to Look For

If the usual brick-and-mortar 9-to-5 work setup is now starting to feel suffocating and limiting for your company, then the time for change has come. In the modern world, where technology conquers new heights every day, and people value other things besides work…

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