All You Need To Know About Customer Support Software

All You Need To Know About Customer Support Software

All You Need To Know About Customer Support Software

All You Need To Know About Customer Support Software

Often times in business, especially ventures that involve a lot of customer interaction, either personal or otherwise, there is a possibility to get overwhelmed with client demands and correspondences. Think about an online grocery store that needs to take and match orders, price them correctly, reply to those orders and any other queries, and deliver those orders to the correct addresses. It becomes very difficult for a business to do all this manually. Customers always believe that speed is of the essence. What places your business in a position to not only attract new customers but to also retain them? What attracts new customers to your business and what gives you an edge over the competition?

An intelligent customer support system can reduce your entire workload, improving service deliverability and freeing up precious time for you to grow and develop your business without always worrying about how vital customer service is going. The software employed helps solve issues like troubleshooting, matching, correspondences, queries and any other customer related business needs. Instead of a customer queuing up on the hotline to talk to the manager or an IT expert, your service software can troubleshoot their devices or programs and still give a better solution. The objective of any of these systems would be to reduce your downtime as a website or business.

While being the team of experts in the sphere of customer support services we met and opened a lot of new technologies and hard-to-please clients. While being a novice or a veteran in your business you always strive to be on top of your industry. Today we are going to show you our cautious steps and experience in meeting customers expectations with help desk software systems.

Here’s Why Businesses Need Customer Support Tools

Customers feel aggrieved if their trusted service provider who takes a sizeable chunk of their income can’t respond fast enough to their queries. It’s easy to lose a client because we got too caught up in business that we forgot to remember that client is king. There are literally tools for all types of customer needs. The best place to start as a business would be to try and figure out what are the most pertinent needs your clients face and think of fast ways to address these. Are your correspondences primarily email based? Think of using an ESP with tailored autoresponder sequences. If you need a system to address FAQs and complaints, employ a help desk, a self-service portal or a chat desk.

Building a customer support database is of the utmost importance especially if you have numbers and you need to satisfy all those numbers. Get hold of a good CRM tool. Build information on each customer and make sure the tool being employed can leverage time to your business’s advantage.

All You Need To Know About Customer Support Software

Examples of Customer Services Software Available

With customer support tools, you’re looking at either optimizing your business functions, making the user experience pleasant or offering support throughout the day, for example, WOW24-7 provides online businesses seeking reliability in service support. With services like call center outsourcing services, a chat desk and a call-center support for your business, they aim to reduce the headache of businesses which need to reach out to customers but don’t have the infrastructure to do so. WOW24-7 aims to make the outsourcing experience for both businesses and their clients, helping the selling experience become seamless.

There are different software tools for different functions that you’d like performed, for example:

  •   MSP Anywhere provides web-based remote control solutions for businesses that need to solve client problems remotely.
  •   Vision Helpdesk provides helpdesk services inclusively and helps to connect various messaging mediums together, e.g. email and social media.
  •   VeriShow markets itself as a sales enablement platform that simplifies the sales process and aims to improve the sales engagement process.

There are numerous tools available depending on your business line and several open source customer support software including SuiteCRM, OroCRM, and CiviCRM which is known for its focus as a non-profit venture.

Our main helpdesk system is Freshdesk.
We made our decision on the base of multi-channel system and pricing, ticket management, communication solutions, self-service, and configuration.

Freshdesk was founded in 2010 to “disrupt” the customer support industry. The most notable Freshdesk customers are Cisco, Honda, 3M and Sony Pictures. More and more companies strive to invest in Freshdesk. Such list gives us a brief glimpse of how can we flourish with this platform.

We like Freshdesk because it is multi-channel: it covers phone support, emails, social media, and live chat. We integrated our Slack,  Facebook page, and site with Freshdesk and made it easier and time-saving for our support agents to communicate with customers.

The support service of Freshdesk is available 24/7 so it is easy for us to cooperate with them and to resolve urgent questions.

Freshdesk is full-featured, affordable, easy in usage and cost-effective for WOW24-7. We are fond of every system’s change because it gives more and more beneficial solutions.  Our clients are satisfied with this help desk software and many of them bought their own packages as it gives us and them the endless space to improve and develop customer support service every day.

Read more about our story of success with Freshdesk.

With such important information to go on, your business should start thinking of ways to gain and retain customers. Outline the challenges you face as a business with regards to addressing customer complaints and queries. Is it managing the response time? Whatever the challenge you will certainly find a useful tool. Most importantly, always take note of customer feedback.

All You Need To Know About Customer Support Software


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