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8 steps to personalize your customer support

  • Personalization is increasingly becoming one of the most important strategies in a contact/call center service.
  • The main benefits of providing a personalized customer experience are leads generation, increased customer loyalty, higher conversion and retention rates.
  • A part of the personalization strategy is providing omnichannel support which gives customers a choice and a sense of being valued.
  • Customer feedback serves as a source of information for service optimization and personalization.
  • Advanced technologies help to replace impersonal virtual interactions with more personal ones, creating a personalized customer experience.

Personalization plays an integral role in customer experience. Every consumer has different needs and preferences and therefore, requires an individualized approach. Business strategies that were popular 10 years ago are not relevant today. Customer support providers use advanced technology like contact center as a service software or the latest version of CRM, but that is not enough to prompt a maximum effect. In the modern business world, due to high customer expectations, companies need to optimize solutions to each consumer’s needs. But a more efficient way would be to embed personalization in the solutions. For a better understanding of how important personalization is in customer support let’s take a look at some statistics:

  • 80% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that provides a personalized experience
  • 79% of B2C businesses with a documented personalization strategy exceeded their revenue goals.
  • 63% of customers will stop buying from companies with poor personalization strategies. 

Based on those stats, it’s easy to conclude that customer personalization strategies are essential to business success. 

What does personalization do for your business

Customer trust

Personalized service shows that a brand cares about customers. This helps companies win their consumers’ trust and loyalty.

Lead generation

Using personalized pitches drives potential customers’ interest in your brand. 

Higher customer engagement and conversion

Personalization improves communication with customers which increases their engagement with a company and conversion rate.

Customer retention

When customers feel that you care about their specific needs they develop trust in your business and are more likely to stay with you. 

How to deliver personalized customer care

People that have been on the front lines of delivering call center services know that using personal touch in interaction with users is a powerful method to gain customer trust. Though the benefit of utilizing personalization in customer support is obvious, some businesses are still slow to take advantage of it. However, a study suggests that personalization will become an ultimate tenet of customer support strategy. 

So where do you start?

Get to know your client base

The first step in delivering personalized support is taking the time to understand who your customers are. Collect the data from your CRM, social media, surveys and customer engagement platforms. Analyze the information and create a list of types of customers you deal with. Based on your analysis, you can develop an approach to each type of user and train your agents to apply that approach in their interaction with customers.

Give your customers choices

Today, users expect to be able to connect with customer support through a channel that is most convenient for them. That’s why companies should provide viable options in a form of omnichannel support. This includes live chat, phone, email, social media and others. Being able to choose a preferred way of communication gives customers a sense of significance and demonstrates that their choices matter to you.

Leverage customer feedback

Every customer can give valuable insight into the service they use. Listen to what customers say about their experience with your company and use that information for optimization and personalization of your service. Not only will it make customers feel appreciated, but it will also improve the effectiveness and viability of your service.

Use emotional engagement

In a fast-paced customer service environment, it is easy for support representatives to get into a pattern of only concentrating on fixing the problem and rushing through interactions. While that is a core task of agents’ job it is not enough for delivering stellar customer support. Your agents have to try to invest emotionally in every interaction, showcasing empathy and understanding of what a customer deals with. Empathize the importance of treating customers as human beings to your reps. An approach like that can really make a difference and set you apart from your competitors. 

Provide self-service experience

There are many common issues that can be resolved without an agent’s assistance. Those include general questions, common technical problems, etc. To save yourself and your customers time, create explanatory content that answers those questions and demonstrates how to deal with common issues. Popular self-service materials include FAQs, step-by-step guides, short video tutorials and others. 

Use advanced tools

Advanced customer service delivery requires advanced contact center technology. Companies around the world have been reportedly investing in the usage of machine learning, algorithmic personalization and artificial intelligence. And that tendency continues to grow. With a rising trend of AI sufficiency, more alternatives to live interaction are emerging and therefore, providing more tools for customer support providers. 

Equip your team with effective CRM

In addition to a contact center as a service software, a customer support company should have an efficient CRM system. Customer relationship management system stores all information necessary for effective support service delivery. It empowers agents with data and tools to improve interaction with customers and implement personalization strategies. CRMs carry customer-centric data like purchase history and personal information, which reps use for effective communication with users. 

Stay relevant 

In this fast-changing world, the technology that was advanced a couple of years ago is not relevant today. That means that as technology evolves, so does the business world and so do people’s needs. With that said, to stay on top of things, you have to constantly watch the latest trends and survey customers about their preferences. This will help you to stay on the same page with your customers and provide them with a personalized experience. 

Final thoughts

Personalization used to be something marketing campaigns would use, but today, it is an integral part of every business strategy, including customer support service. And according to studies, personalization will become a necessity for customer care. Except for improving customer satisfaction, personalization helps businesses with lead generation, increasing conversion rate, customer retention and customer trust. 

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