5 Tips On How To Manage A Customer Service Team

5 Tips On How To Manage A Customer Service Team


5 Tips On How To Manage A Customer Service Team

Reality shows that heavy percentage of clients refuse to deal with the company just because of bad customer support experience. 80% of companies think they deliver best support practices, but only 8% of their customers think the same.
Customers are the lifeblood of every company. Your client is your future revenue and feedback on your services. (Statistics shows that more than 75% of customers leave their good feedbacks, and only 45% leave feedbacks of dissatisfaction).

Companies that think they are delivering a successful customer service

In such case, every CEO should create an amazing customer service management to provide clients with best support solutions.

5 Tips for creating Best Customer Service Management

Build and train your team

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller

Improve your customer service

Big or small teams they require providing them with proper tools and practices to propel their work. Professional CEO and Founders always make big efforts in the team-building process. Development and improving communication with clients can be and must be done with the help of professional training of support representatives. But successful CEO and Founders always try to save time and significant staff costs, focus on the core of their business and to free their internal resources, so they choose an outsourced customer support.

Hire support agents with essential skills

While hiring customer support representatives you should look for essential customer service skills which are not usually mentioned in employee’s CV.

Let WOW24-7 to hire the best customer support representatives with essential skills of:

  • empathy.
    All your customer support reps should understand that their behavior will influence the behavior of your client. Teach them how to use empathy with customers.
  • patience.
    Time is money, and money is time. You should look for the person, who will understand that there is no place for waiting or for losing time in your business.
  • self-improvement.
    Your business requires continuous improvement and development which lies fully on all your team members.

Set up good communication with your support team

Every customer service team manager should be the main motivator. He should underestimate the best communication practices and be the great part of it.

“If the behind the scenes management is able to talk and listen to front line staff this surely leads to a better understanding and appreciation of the work they have at your company” – Maya Momotok, project lead, WOW24-7.

Customers' expectations from your service

Your customer support representatives should have the same values as you have. WOW24-7 helped CEO of Rallyware, George Elfond, to reduce time vasting on such an essential process of sharing ideas and future plans with support team, and improved the general experience of his customer support service inside the company by simply “taking the headache out of call center handing”.

Encourage every performance of your team

Successful customer service is successful inside. You have no time to mentor and to coach every team member.
“Management takes little effort in creating a good atmosphere inside the customer relations department”, – Andrii Fishman, CTO at WOW24-7. – “The only and good way to make your team hard-working, fruitful and profitable is to encourage their positive performance. Here in WOW24-7 we make weekly reports about the quality of our support representatives work. We tell them how valuable they are because hearing that you are doing a good job does wonder to general mood inside the company”.
Replies for customers' complains

Lean on your customer support team fully

Every customer support team manager understands that more than anyone else in the company, your support reps know what your customers want.
It is crucial to lean on your service team to help you make efficient decisions. Only your support team can provide you with your customer’s experience. It is the source of your knowledge and the constant room for your company’s improvement.
Teach your customer support team or outsource it

The best customer support is a combination of professional customer service, customer support team manager, and customer success. Being a good support is not the easiest thing, it is an ever-evolving occupation.
Contact us to get first two months of free customer support solutions to meet your client’s demands.
WOW24-7 is here to help you!

Teach you customer support team or outsource it

Maya Momotok

Reviewed by Maya Momotok
CEO and cofounder of Wow24-7

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