5 Customer Service Tips for Early-Stage Startups

5 Customer Service Tips for Early-Stage Startups


5 Customer Service Tips for Early-Stage Startups

5 Customer Service Tips for Early-Stage Startups

The primary goal of every startup in the early stage is to make the world know about their innovative idea and kick-start selling a product or service with a bang. If done right, marketing can do miracles for your startup and bring hundreds of customers making your company the next big thing.

Although marketing is crucial for company success, effective customer service is what sets your startup apart in the crowded marketplace. Most business leaders agree that poor customer care is a business killer, which causes customer disloyalty and profit crunch.

Importance of strong customer service

Customers are quick to share negative feedback online when they had a bad experience with a brand. If you think that people don’t pay attention to reviews on social media, you’re wrong. According to research, 88% of respondents have been influenced by online reviews when making a purchasing decision.

5 Customer Service Tips for Early-Stage Startups

Besides, almost 95% of respondents generally tell at least one person about their poor customer experience. People must be treated with respect. Thus, finding out what it takes to provide the highest-quality service is the first and foremost task of every startup owner.

Providing killer customer support isn’t a simple task. As an inexperienced entrepreneur, you may not know where to start. Sometimes, the best way to cope with the business processes in the most effective way is to outsource customer support. But if you can’t do that in the early stage, consider the following 5 tips on how to maximize your customer service:

Make customer support a part of the company’s DNA

State a clear support vision that builds a foundation of the customer service mindset of the team. This means that every member — from CEO to the receptionist — should consider customer service as an essential part of business success and play a significant role in helping clients.

Write down your vision making it understandable and strategic. To make it practical, add some regular measurements and metrics which will help you evaluate the effectiveness or provided support solutions.

Use the most effective tools

Early-stage startups often experience difficulties with meeting customers needs, exceeding their expectations and providing customized service primarily because of limited resources. Luckily, there are various cost-effective tools, — including survey tools, live chat and social media, — that you can use to manage customer service department without breaking the bank.

The survey tools are generally used to establish healthy relationships with customers. With the help of instruments like Google Forms, companies collect feedback, measure customers loyalty as well as a level of satisfaction, and, as a result, determine clients needs. What about live chat, it’s an efficient way to interact with customers real-time, which is a critical element for business success. Social media is another powerful tool to help customers reach out to your business with ease.

5 Customer Service Tips for Early-Stage Startups

The decision what tool is better to choose for your brand depends on your customer service goals, your targeted audience, and budget. You can also hire outsourced customer support to find the best option for your business needs.

Use customer service to guide product strategy

Don’t be afraid to ask clients for help. Your support team interacts with users every day. Once they come to you for assistance, take an opportunity and talk to them about your product or service. For example, you can ask a satisfied client to submit a review on social media or make the potential customer an offer and motivate them to purchase.

Your customers can be a crucial driver of product innovations. Every interaction is a great chance to not only provide valuable customer support but also to make progress on other business goals. Strive to make your product or service better by listening carefully, especially to your most demanding users.

Involve your entire team, empower and inspire

If there was only one thing you could focus your team on, what would it be? Make sure that when it comes to discussing business processes, support has pride of place. Keeping customer service teamwork is the key to staying customer-centric as your company grows.

Involve members of your team in solving customers problems, as well as fixing the faulty processes causing these issues. Empower them to look for new effective solutions and inspire by your enthusiasm and passion.

Build a dream team

When your business affords to hire dedicated customer support representatives, you should make sure to hire the right ones. Find a like-minded people who have required skills and expertise to make serious customer service happen. Provide them with the necessary training, put their knowledge to the test, and give them authority.

If you want to hire a professional customer support department quickly and efficiently, opt for customer support outsourcing. If a provider is chosen right, it may become your lifeline in the early stage of your business development.

A brief afterword

When it comes to choosing the right customer service solutions, an early-stage startup can get into difficulties. As a young business without necessary professional background, you may run a risk of selecting a system that doesn’t work for you. So reaching out to professionals for outsourcing customer support will be a wise and cost-effective decision.

Here at Wow24-7, we can provide your company with qualified customer support, find tools that will work best for your brand, and create a clear strategy to exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers.

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Reviewed by Maya Momotok
CEO and cofounder of Wow24-7

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